Kamis, 31 Desember 2009

Specificationsof honda Goldwing-Honda Goldwing Motorcycle

Specificationsof honda Goldwing:

- Engine 1832cc liquid cooled,
- SOHC horizontally opposed 6 cylinder,
- 2 valves per cylinder
- Power to reach 118HP on the 5500 RPM.
- Injection system PGM-FI with automatic cold-start system.
- Ignition system computer-controlled digital.
- System using transmission 5-speed gearbox.
- Chasis made of aluminum twin-Spar.
- Suspension front fork 45 mm anti-Dive system.
- Suspension back single-sided aluminum Pro Arm.
- brake dual front 296 mm disc with 3 piston calipers with ABS.
- brake rear 316 mm single disc with 3 piston calipers with ABS.

Honda Goldwing touring motorcycle can be called the best and most secure. Despite weighing almost 360 kilograms, this 1832cc motor motorized airbag equipped to minimize risk in case of accident. No wonder if the motor Cycleworld also mentions that the price is 24.000 USD as Best Motorcycle touring class. wallpaper honda goldwing
yelow honda goldwing picture

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