Selasa, 29 Desember 2009

MOTORCYCLE SPOKES AND WHEELS- bike wheel spokes, bike spokes, wheel spokes bicycle, bicycle wheel, bicycle spokes


* Three-Cross: The spoking most common pattern is "three-cross" on each spoke crosses three others from the same leading hub before meeting with the bank.
* Two-Cross: the fingers do not cross each other, about saving the weight of two fingers, because the radius is shorter than the three cross wheel hub to be used for large diameter flanges.
* Four-cross: This is the standard to address the demands of 40 and above the motorcycle used in the Wheels.

The wheel rims are usually made of steel or aluminum, which is the radius of the steel and aluminum hubs or mag-type cast or aluminum engines.
Performance racing motorcycles often use carbon-fiber wheels, but the cost is very high wheels for general use.

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