Sabtu, 28 Juni 2008

MTV' s Style Icon Lauren Conrad’s Fabulous Hairstyles

Lauren Conrad’s rise to fame on MTV’s The Hills has made her a style icon. As the popular trendy woman every girl aspires to be, LC now boasts a wide range of fans imitate her fashion sense and gorgeous hair. In fact, her sexy blonde locks are quite deserving of some extra attention.

LC's Fabulous Hairstyle

The star has somehow managed to look fabulous in a seemingly endless array of hairstyles. When tying her hair back, Lauren Conrad often sports long, sleek ponytails or sexy, messy buns. She also uses just enough hair accessories to add a touch of style without overdoing it. Her favorite add-ons seem to be headbands, which provide a touch of color that stands out against her golden hair. When wearing her hair down, Conrad has shown that she can easily go from curly to straight.

Rather than go for the super-cropped bob and pixie cuts many Hollywood ladies are sporting, LC chose a unique style suited to her own tastes. Conrad also played with the color of her hair, choosing to go for a lighter shade of blonde that with less golden hues. Still, though, this star manages to look flawless no matter what.

Lauren Conrad’s Blonde Hairstyle

Although her hair is naturally wavy or curly in texture, the star often uses a flat iron to create chic, straight styles. Either way, she still looks stunning. Most recently, Conrad decided to make an important hair change. She cut off several inches of her long locks and opted for a cut that fell just below her shoulders. In a way, the star used this cut to make an important statement

Lauren Conrad Bob Hairstyle.

Lauren Conrad’s Curly Short Hairstyle

Selasa, 24 Juni 2008

Celebrity Singer Miley Cyrus Gorgeous Hairstyles

Hannah Montana has created a place for Miley Cyrus in the Hollywood industry. She has the greatest number of young fans who love emulating her attitude and looks. Miley Cyrus is just sixteen years old and the best thing she can do for herself is sport hairstyles that go with her age.

Recently Miley wore her hair in a romantic style with her golden curls flowing loosely in the air. It made her look young, chic and extremely glamorous. The loose hairstyle made her seem like a princess and it made the young girls her devoted fans.

Jumat, 20 Juni 2008

Celebrities With Chignon Hairstyle

There are tons of videos on youtube and elsewhere that offer terrific instructions for sweet little updos---just check out our Easy Updo Video Playlist. It may take you forever to get a perfect hair-bow like Paris Hilton's, but do you really want to look like Paris?

Paris Hilton's Oscar-Worthy Chignon

Right now, the sweetest looks are just a little messy. At the 80th Annual Academy Awards , all the A-listers sported sweet, carefree trendrils streaming from their effortless-looking updos. Think Jen Garner :

Jen Garner's Oscar-Worthy Chignon

While you know she spent hours in a salon chair, this is a look easily duplicated in a number of minutes (providing you have enough hair to pull it off. I obviously don't) . It's just a low, messy chignon. This look will work best on long, gently wavy hair.
Jen Garner's Oscar-Worthy Chignon

1. Give yourself a high side part on whichever side of your head you think looks best. To get hair to fall the right way, Jen's stylist probably blew sections dry starting closest to the scalp, pinning each section back until he'd finished.

2. If you have stick straight hair, you can now use a curler on the ends of your hair. Try for big, loose curls--tight, sausage-like curls are a little too prom, even if that's your ultimate destination. Trust me.

3. Gather hair into a low, loose ponytail (leave a few waves to frame the face for Jen's look). Leave the elastic relatively loose on the hair, and use bobby pins to secure it to your head.

4. Loop individual sections of hair around your ponytail's base, pinning loops into a loose bun (make sure you use bobby pins the same color as your hair). If you have too many loose ends once you've pinned all sections, don't fret. It's supposed to look sort of messy. It seems that Jen's stylist pinned the loose ends beneath the ponytail base, so if you have enough length to tuck them under, go ahead