Sabtu, 29 Desember 2007

Cute Looking Boys Hairstyles

Choosing the right boys hairstyles can seem difficult and usually, even more difficult than choosing a hairstyle for the girls. One of the main reasons is because boys do not usually take any interest in hairstyles until they are in middle school. Here are some hairstyles for younger boys.

Daniel Radclife has golden brown hair that he likes to wear in short length. This look could be an ideal short hairstyle for boys and mens.

Daniel Radclife hairstyle

Jumat, 07 Desember 2007

Punk Hairstyles For College Girls

Though punk hairstyles were originally created in the 1970’s and reached their pinnacle in the 1980’s, after nearly 20 years of more sedate styles, they are once again becoming fashionable. Punk hairstyles are aggressive and attention-getting; they can be extremely attractive on people who have the guts to pull them off.

The main elements of punk hairstyles are cut (the Mohawk and variations of it), color and spikes. The color and spikes can be applied for a temporary punk look, while a Mohawk cut requires more of a commitment.

Mohawk Punk Hairstyles
A Mohawk cut is the most recognizable sign of a punk hairstyle. Also known as the Mohican in the UK (both names came from Native American tribes), a Mohawk cut features shaved hair at the side of the heads with a strip of longer hair in the middle. Variations include the double Mohawk (two long strips) and the reverse Mohawk (long sides and a shaved stripe). Asymmetrically cut hair is also popular in punk hairstyles. In most cases that means that one side of the hair is significantly longer than the other.

Color in punk hairstyles is unnatural, with pink, blue, orange and green being particularly popular. The original punks often used Jello to create these odd hues, but a variety of semi-permanent products are available to create the look today, and for a temporary version of the look, wash-out colored hairspray is great.

Punk spikes can be created by stiffening the hair with gel and hairspray.This look is particularly popular when mixed with a Mohawk cut (the long strip in the middle is stiffened into a series of spikes).

Colourful Punk Hairstyle

Punk Hairstyle Bob

Punk Hairstyle Bob

Punk Hairstyle

Punk Hairstyles