Senin, 21 Agustus 2006

Celebrity Jessica Beil short hairstyles

After a brief switch to blonde locks, Jessica Biel is back with a gorgeous brunette shade. The popular actress, and Justin Timberlake’s newest love interest, truly shines with her natural beauty. Her style is one that is always classy, yet never overdone. This is true for her new hair color, and she has won acclaim for her luscious shade.

Rather than a boring, mute brunette, Biel opted for a color with multiple tones and hues. However, she kept it chic and natural by choosing not to add in drastic highlights. As for the cut, it seems Biel’s newest ‘do was meant to keep her looking young and trendy. Her slanted angles reveal pointed ends that give her look an edgy, lively vibe. The style is completed with bangs that help frame the actress’ gorgeous face.

Thankfully, Biel’s stylist kept the fringe short so it does not hide her stunning eyes the way many women with bangs are prone to do. For those who want to adopt Biel’s hot new look, it is actually relatively simple to achieve. Once a quality stylist creates the perfect cut, all it takes is a flat iron and some shine serum to keep strands sleek and chic, just like Biel’s.