Jumat, 28 Mei 2010

Mio Scooter Style Modification

The body of YAMAHA MIO RETRO modifications done to the body using the Yamaha Fino, this are already a trendsetter in the year 2007. exhaust stem, taken from a Honda CB100 and the seat design also made the classic style. To modify the motor Yamaha mio retro require cost about 600 USD.

Yamaha Mio Scooter Retro Style Modification

Yamaha Mio Low RiderMio Low Rider Extreme Modification, more budget if you like to modified your bike like this.
Yamaha Mio Low RiderYamaha Mio Low Rider Modification From Thailand, Simple and nice Modified

Yamaha Mio Low Rider

Yamaha Mio Low Rider futuristic scooter modifications, and i am like this bike…

Yamaha Mio Low Rider
Yamaha Mio Low Rider Full Speed, full style, and full budged to modified your motorcycles like this scooter.

Kamis, 27 Mei 2010

Harley Davidson Pro-Street Modification

Modifikasi Harley Davidson Pro Street
2005 Harley Davidson Pro-Street Customized
2005 Harley Davidson Pro-Street Customized
2005 Harley Davidson Pro-Street Customized
2005 Harley Davidson Pro-Street Customized Pictures

2005 Harley Davidson Pro-Street Customized Specification :

Model : Evolution side winder
Capacity : 113 Cylindre
Built : S&S
Pistons : S&S
Crankcase : S&S
Camshaft : S&S
Heads : S&S
Cylinders : S&S
Carburator : S&S Super G
Air filter : D&M
Push Rod : S&S
Ignition : IST S&S
Spark Plugs : Spilte fire
Oil : Revtech

Gears : 6 Speed Close Ratio
Assembly : S&S
Transmission Oil : Revtech
Primary Drive : PRIMO BRUTE IV
Pulley : PM Gatlin

Rake : 41 Degree
Stretch : 4 inch
Front fender : Retro Classic cycles
Rear fender : Retro Classic cycles

Front tyre : GATLIN/2005 AVON VENOM
Rear tyre : GATLIN/2005 AVON VENOM 250 series

Type : 41mm
Fork tube : MID “USA
Fork Oil : Motor Factory USA
Triple Trees : MID “USA

Painter : PANEL-1
Colour : Red Candy
Moulding : PANEL-1
IDEA : Retro Classic cycles
Special Graphics : Ghost Flame
Handlebar : Paul Yaffe Original
Riser : None
Grips : Arlen Ness
Head light : Arlen Ness
Tail Light : Paul Yaffe Original
Handle Controls : Performance Machine
Forward Controls : Performance Machine
Wiring & Setting : RCC
Gas Tank : RCC
Oil Tank : RCC
Pulley Cover : Custom Chrome
Kick Stand : Arlen Ness
Spark Plugs Wires : DR NEON
Nuts & Bolts : Gardner Wescott
Coil Mount : MW GERMANY
Coil Cover : MW GERMANY
IGN. Switch : Custom Chrome
Internal Throttle : RCC
All Hoses & Lines : Russel

Senin, 24 Mei 2010

BMW S1000RR Modification

AC Schnitzer is a house special modifications for the BMW cars like Honda and Mugen to AMG for Mercedes. This time, expertise and skills required to make their hands look of BMW motorcycles S1000RR be more macho.

The result was not as we would expect that moge BMW could turn into an extreme. Understandably, besides being the first project, which they called “Avoid Silence”, Schnitzer using aftermarket kits just by touching a certain part in changing the look of BMW’s Superbike. Autoevolution.com reported on Monday (22.3.2010).

Changes seen in the handlebars with black color options. Uniquely, the design did not reflect a general sports moge homage to clamp model. It looks very stylish wide or large and thick. Then, the brake oil tube adapted to screen handlebars.

Others, brake and clutch levers using titanium material. In this section, the rider who has small hands will have no obstacles. Because, wide handlebars can be adjusted according to the rider’s hand.

Tip exhaust modified using carbon fiber material which, when viewed as a whole will give the impression sangar. The weight of this bike was a bit heavier, plus a gloss on the display of water filters.

How to power the motor? not explain the existence of touch in that sector. However, Schnitzer affirms that it is developing the components related to leverage the performance of implanted kitchen. They promised that these components can now be used in the near future.

Jumat, 21 Mei 2010

Luxury Honda Vario Modify

Honda Vario Luxury Styles

Vario Limousines Style

Modifikasi Honda Vario

Limousine and luxury appearance is identical with the long dimension. This is what inspires Gede Hariadi Satya, MBA, to modify the Honda Varionya. “But, is not synonymous with big-matic, that’s the market,” said resident Denpasar, Bali, this.

Asep M1 Anggara from home modifications to make Hariadi challenged by two-wheeled limousine. Because the owners did not want big-matic, Asep was forced to change the body of a width which is not far from the standards.

Armed with this message, backdated to the wheel axis 65 cm. To make a withdraw-withdraw, Asep must work twice. First, he said, in the order, precision under the deck. This means that in front of the retreat, which usually sustains the passengers departed.

In this region, to lengthen up to 20 cm. This is what makes the look so the other deck. Because they relate to safety, joining in this section using an iron pipe with diameter of 5 cm with a thickness of 2 mm.

Effect, the very top of the riding position, let alone been on the handlebars re-custom made grip position closer to the rider. If you’re still wearing naked handlebars, said Hariadi, then the rider must hold hard.

The first job is to make withdraw-withdraw dilakoni. Then, last job was the installation of retreat along the 65 cm-that shirk. This size is long enough, indeed. But that’s the ideal size for the wheels and sepatbor, especially for the rear wheels that have been adopted 9.5-inch alloy wheels and more than half the circle is covered sepatbor.

Big Dog Motor Modification

Big Dog Motor Modification...............