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Actress Jacqueline Bisset Stunning Hairstyle

Still going strong and looking fine at age 64, Jacqueline Bisset sill has the looks of a young female. Her hair is also stunning. Ms. Bisset was born in 1944, in England, and began her acting career in 1965, with a movie called “The Knack".

She is still in the acting business and will appear in the upcoming movies, “Vivaldi,” and “The Last Film Festival.” Both movies are scheduled to be released sometime in 2009.
At a recent event, Ms. Bisset’s hair was gorgeous –worn in a coffied, over-the-shoulder, layer cut, worn over one of her eyebrows. The hair displayed a great deal of volume, while being soft at the same time.

Who does Ms. Bisset’s face still look as good as it does today? Could she have had plastic surgery, to construct it? Is her hair dyed to hide the gray? The answers to those questions are unclear.
What is clear is she is still looking fine and going strong at age 64. She looks so good, she ought to be on the cover of a highly-ranked fashion magazine

It’s strange that the last statement made would make most people cringe, but I don’t care.
When you look at the pictures from 1965 to the present, you don’t see much difference – except for a few wrinkles here and there

Overall, Ms. Bisset’s hairstyle is of the medium form – with some waves around the sides. Her face, skin, body shape, and eye tone are in good shape

Sabtu, 20 September 2008

Christina Aguilera Hairstyle Pictures

Christina Aguilera Hairstyle Pictures

Christina Aguilera Launches Her New Fragrance "Inspire" at Macy's in New York, Sept. 2, 2008

Short Hair Christina Aguilera at 59th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

Glomours Christina at Record Release Party for Back to Basics

Christina Lights Up the Party at LAX NightClub in Las Vegas

Jumat, 19 September 2008

Japanese Anime Hairstyles

Japanese Anime Hairstyles

A young Girl with Japanese Anime Hairstyle

Cute Japanese Anime Hairstyle

Japanese hairstyles

Japanese Anime inspired Hairstyles have never been out of style ever since they got caught by the public eyes. It's very popular among Asians other than Japanese people and also among Westerners who likes to watch anime cartoons. There's a lot of Japanese Anime hairstyles that can look good on you depending on your skin color and the shape of your face like these hairstyles below.

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Rabu, 03 September 2008

Get Ready With Easy Prom Hairstyles

This is a beautiful braid hair style for women.You can copy the look at home.You could pull off the same glam hairstyles as the stars
How to sport this messy braid?

1.Blow dry with a volumizing spray, then braid your hair and secure with an elastic band.
2.Get the sexy, messy look by using your fingers to gently pick out some pieces and loosen the style. If you have layers, pull some strands out in the front as well, advises New York Hair Stylist Alejandra.
3.Then twist your braid up into a bun and pin to secure like Jessica Simpson.

Messy Braid

Easy prom hairstyles that are beautiful and attractive. It is every young girl’s dream to look her very best on the prom night, which surely begins with the way you look. Here are some suggestions on how to create a few easy prom hairstyles by yourself.

The Easy Casual Prom Hairstyles for long hair
This easy prom hairstyle is a good style for women who with long straight hair.You can do this easy hairstyle like this:

1.First of all,Straighten your hair properly and thoroughly,if you have straight hair, skip this.
2.After the ironing is over, make a neat part in the middle.
3.The, twist the two front pieces or shorter bangs into a clip at back.
4.Smoothen the rest of hair with finger-combing.

The easy curly prom hairstyles
Curly prom hairstyles are making waves this upcoming prom season!

1.If you have naturally curly hair, you should count yourself lucky. Many of your classmates will be at the salon around prom time sitting under the dryer with a head full of hot rollers or getting a perm that you won’t need. Curly hair tends to dry out so a few weeks before prom night start deep conditioning it weekly, or add in a leave in conditioner daily, to get your curls looking their best for the big night.
2.If you have wavy hair, you will find a variety of curl enhancing hair care products that are made with you in mind. After washing and conditioning your hair, simply add in the product of your choice and then dry your hair on low heat or with the aid of a diffuser so you don’t blow dry the curl right out of your hair. If you scrunch your hair as you dry it, you’ll be amazed at the curls you can get without having to use rollers or a curling iron.
Curly Prom Hairstyles

The long Prom hairstyles for girls
Girls with long hair might have more trouble taking good care of the long locks but have a variety of options for prom hairstyles.

1.Longer hair can be worn with curls, waves, or sleek. Longer hair can also be worn in the very popular updos and chignons that are staples of formal events like the prom. Because of all these possible ways of styling longer hair, there are many choices to choose from when it comes to hairstyles.
2.All the different styling options all have some great looks that would compliment any girl’s prom dress and the choice becomes a matter of comfort and style. Hopefully the long hairstyles presented here will inspire some ideas

Long Prom Hairstyle

Celebrity Jennifer Garner Latest Hairstyles

Jennifer Garner wears some beautiful updo hairstyles on the red carpet. Check out some pictures of Jennifer Garner's updos.

Actress Jennifer Garner attends the 2007 National Board of Review Awards Gala at Cipriani 42nd street January 15, 2007 in New York City

Jennifer Garner Low Bun Hairstyle