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2008 summer and spring hairstyles

2008 Spring and 2008 Summer Hairstyles

2008 Spring and 2008 Summer Hairstyles and looks. Pictures of the latest and hottest hair trends for 2008 spring hairstyles. Some of the 2008 spring hairstyles include blunt bangs, messy yet sexy looks, angled and shoulder length bobs, ringlet curls and of course twisted sexy braided up dos.

Here are the latest 2008 Spring and Summer Hairstyles
Blunt Bangs are a must for spring, you can swept them to the side for a easy summer look when it starts getting warmer
The messy and sexy styles are very popular for 2008 spring hairstyles
2008 summer hairstyles

2008 spring hairstyles
For spring 2008 hairstyles bob’s are becoming angled and are getting longer and ending at the shoulder length

Tight baby doll and ringlet curls are also popular looks for spring.
summer hairstyles for 2008

A new looks for spring is twisted updos that will quickly become a favorite among many

summer hairstyles for 2008

Jumat, 09 Mei 2008

French Twist Hairstyles

French twist hairstyle pictures
The French twist is great for prom, weddings or any formal occasion

French twist Hairstyle

The classic French twist is elegant and sleek, perfect for special occasions like weddings and black-tie parties. The modern French twist, a flirty modification of the classic, is good for cocktail parties, work or a night out on the town.

french twist updos

For the classic twist, you might substitute small hair combs for pins. Move the comb in the direction of the twist, snagging a small portion of the roll just before you pass over it. Lift the comb 180 degrees and then push gently into the roll and hide it in the groove.
With a lot of practice you'll learn to achieve this look in less than 10 minutes.
For a modern take on the classic French twist try going wavy. For those with natural wave in their hair don’t smooth the curl out. Instead, loosely pull the hair back and let the waves show. For those with straight hair set your hair in small rollers before starting the twist.
Avoid pulling or twisting your hair too hard, as unwanted breakage or hair loss may result.
Be careful not to claw yourself with the ends of combs, bobby pins or hair sticks

New French twist Hairstyle

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Senin, 05 Mei 2008

Get perfect Updo hairstyle For Short Hair

Are you craving for the chic and classic hair updos but wondering how to get it with your short hair? No, you need not have to wait for your hair to grow; you can get the beautiful and elegant updo you want with your short hair as well. It is easier to get that updos for short hair than you think.

Although the answer to updos for short hair is not straightforward you can surely rule your unruly short hair with beautiful updos such as side updos, back updos, top updos, ponytails, buns, gothic updos, formal updos, traditional updos, etc. In fact, updos for short hair is an ultimate solution to keep you hair in order as well as give yourself a glamorous look. You may need to use a lot of styling gels, pins or elastics to control your hair or keep them in place, but styling your short hair with updos always look alluring.
Updo hairstyles for short hair

Updos are best hair make up for wedding, prom or other special occasion. If you want to use hair extension for elegant updos, select the one that has the same colour as your natural short hair. Alternatively, you can choose a funky twist updo for your short hair. Creating a half updo also look nice on chin-length hair.

Now, you can keep with the trends of current fashion and pick the glamorous hairstyle whenever you want with your short hair. The tips on updos for short hair will definitely help you unleash the different aspects of your personality.
Wedding Updo Hairstyle

Gorgeous Updo Hairstyle For short hair