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Latest Party Updo Hairstyles

Create a French Twist
What you need: Volumizing spray, comb, small U-shaped hairpins, bobby pins, maximum-hold hair spray.
How to Get the Look
Step 1: Spritz the hair with volumizer. Use a comb to part the hair across the back of the head, from ear to ear. Gather the top section of hair at the crown, twist it one time, and secure with hairpins.

Step 2: Gather the bottom section of the hair at the nape of the neck. Twist it in a column upward, so that the ends stick up.

Step 3: Grasp the column of hair and tuck it underneath itself in the direction of the twist. Secure the hair along the twist with bobby pins. Finish with a misting of hair spray.
French Twist Updo Hairstyle

Create a Double Bun
Best for: Hair that is medium to long and one length or with long layers. All textures.
What you need: Smoothing serum, comb, brush, elastics, hairpins.
How to Get the Look
Step 1: Apply smoothing serum to damp hair and blow-dry straight. Use a comb to part the hair across the back of the head. Brush the top section back into a ponytail at the crown and secure with an elastic. Brush the bottom section into a ponytail at the nape and secure.

Step 2: Twist the top ponytail several times and secure it with hairpins to one side of the bottom elastic.

Step 3: Do the same with the bottom ponytail, twisting it and pinning it in place on the opposite side of the top elastic. Pin the hair against the scalp so that it looks like one uniform bun.
Gorgeous Double Bun Hairstyle

Create a Cascade
Best for: Medium to long hair that is one length or layered. All textures.
What you need: Texturizing spray, one large elastic, large bobby pins.
How to Get the Look
Step 1: Spritz damp hair with texturizing spray and let air-dry. Gather the hair loosely into a ponytail at the crown. Don’t pull too tight; you want the natural texture to show. Secure with an elastic.

Step 2: Grab a one-inch section of the ponytail. Create a loop with the section by bringing the ends up to the scalp and securing with a bobby pin. Repeat until all the hair has been looped.

Step 3: To frame your face, gently pull out a few tendrils. If you have bangs, let them hang loose.
Everlasting Cascade Hairstyle

Create a Side-Swept Chignon
Best for: Medium to long hair of one length. All textures.
What you need: Comb, brush, elastic, hairpins, maximum-hold hair spray.
How to Get the Look
Step 1: Make a side part with a comb. Brush the hair into a low ponytail on the same side as the part.

Step 2: Secure the ponytail behind your ear with an elastic. Twist the ponytail until it begins to coil around on itself. Secure the coil around the elastic with hairpins.

Step 3: If any front pieces come loose or you have bangs, sweep them to the side opposite the coil. Spritz the entire style with hair spray

Create a Messy Bun
Best for: Curly or wavy hair of all lengths, with or without layers.
What you need: Texturizing spray, an elastic, bobby pins.
How to Get the Look
Step 1: Spray wet hair with texturizing spray and scrunch. Allow to air-dry, or blow-dry with a diffuser to bring out the waves.

Step 2: Gather the hair into a ponytail just below the crown. Secure with an elastic. Don’t worry if short pieces around the face come loose.

Step 3: Split the ponytail into three sections. Working section by section, twist the hair and pin it to the scalp near the elastic. Let the ends stick up.
Messy Bun hairstyle

Ducati 1198S edition

The pictures collection of Ducati 1198S

Ducati 1198S best sportbikeDucati 1198S best sportbike

Ducati 1198S 2009 collectionDucati 1198S 2009 collection

Ducati 1198S front designDucati 1198S front design

Ducati 1198S sportsDucati 1198S sports

Ducati 1198S side viewDucati 1198S side view

Suzuki GSX-R600 blue

BMW Lo Rider concept photo

Benelli TRE 1130 K front display

Honda CBR1000RR side-front view

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Celebrity Jessica Alba Short Curly hairstyle

Jessica Alba arrives at 24th Annual film independent's sprit Awards held at Santa Monica beach with her new very cute medium curly hairstyle in Santa Monica,California.It makes her look so good!you will fall in love with her short curly hairstyle!Use these photos if you want to follow the same style.

Actress Jessica Alba New Short Curly Hairstyle

Jessica Alba Curly hairstyle

Celebrity Jessica Alba Curly Hairstyle

Celebrity Jessica Alba short Curly Hairstyle

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Punk Hairstyles For Women in 2009

If u want to try punk hairstyle in this year, then you must definitely look at this nice pics. Here are some great punk hairstyles ideas for you for this year.

Check the punk hair pictures below:

Hot Punk Hairstyles 2009

Crazy Punk Hairstyles for 2009

Punk Hairstyles for 2009

2010 Piaggio X7 300 pictures

Piaggio X7 300 2010 designPiaggio X7 300 2010 design

Piaggio X7 300 wallpaperPiaggio X7 300 wallpaper

Piaggio X7 300 side viewPiaggio X7 300 side view

Piaggio X7 300 picturesPiaggio X7 300 pictures

Piaggio X7 300 real scooterPiaggio X7 300 real scooter

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Kawasaki Ninja SS Specification Blue Ninja

Kawasaki Ninja specification SS | Blue Ninja | Review

Kawasaki KLX150S Specifications | Reviews

Kawasaki KLX 250 Review | Specifications KLX 250

Type: 2-stroke, crankcase reedvalve, SuperKIPS, HSAS
Diameter x Stroke: 59.0 x 54.4 mm
Cooling System: Cooling with water
Number & Fill Cylinder: One fruit & 148cc
Comparison of Compression: 6.8: 1
Maximum Power: 30.1 KW (30.1 PS) / 10,500 RPM
Maximum torque: 20.5 Nm / 9500 RPM
Carburetor: Keihin PWL 26
Starter system: Kick
Total Transmission: 6 speed, constant mesh, return shift
Type of primary reduction system: Gear
Reduction ratio: 3.272 (72/22)
Clutch: Wet, multi disc
Transmission type: 6-speed, constant mesh, return shift
Dental Ratio:
  • 1st 2700 (27/10)
  • 2nd 1706 (29/17)
  • 3rd 1300 (26/20)
  • 4th 1090 (24/22)
  • 5th 0952 (20/21)
  • 0863 6th (19/22)
System type final drive: Chain drive
Reduction ratio: 3.000 (42/14)
Overall drive ratio: 8479 @ top gear
Oil Lubrication System: Oil Injection
Side Oil Capacity: 1 liter
Oil Capacity Transmission / Engine: 0.87 liter
Exhaust / muffler: Catalic Converter
Coolant Capacity: 1.3 liters
Suspension Front: Telescopic Fork Suspension
Rear Suspension: Monoshock Suspension
Brakes Front: Twin Pot Brake Disc
Rear brake: Twin Pot Brake Disc (CW) & Drum Brake (SW)
Tires Front: 2,75-17 4PR Tube-type
Rear tires: 3,0-18 4PR Tube-type
Length x width x Height: 1955mm x 705mm x 1070mm (Cast Wheel) 1955mm x 740mm x 1035mm (Spoke Wheel)
Seat Height: 780mm
Axis Wheels distance: 1.305mm
Distance to ground: 145mm
Weight: 124.5 kg
Fill up the gas tank: 10.8 liters
Battery: 12 V 4 Ah

In connection with ongoing product development carried out, the above specifications can be changed at any time