Sabtu, 30 Mei 2009

Celebrity Amanda Bynes Long Straight Hairstyles

Amanda is wearing her hair straight and long. It is parted slightly off center and has several long layers and framing around the face. The shortest layer starts in at the chin length. She also has many different highlights and perhaps lowlights that accentuate the hair cut style.

Amanda Bynes long hairstyles

Amanda Bynes long hairstyles

Celebrity Amanda Bynes hairstyle

Celebrity Amanda Bynes hairstyle

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Jumat, 29 Mei 2009

Celebrity Marley Shelton Fashion Hairstyles

Shelton was also originally cast in the role of Annabeth Schott on the television series, The West Wing, but the role was eventually played by Kristin Chenoweth. Shelton's most recent role is as Dr. Dakota Block in the Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino-directed film Grindhouse, appearing in both of the film's segments as the same character.

Celebrity Marley Shelton Fashion Hairstyles

Celebrity Marley Shelton Fashion Hairstyles

Celebrity Marley Shelton Fashion Hairstyles

Celebrity Marley Shelton Hairstyles

Celebrity Marley Shelton Fashion Hairstyles

Stephanie Pratt Hair

Stephanie Pratt’s Hairstyle

Stephanie Pratt the ‘always forgotten’ cast member of the popular MTV show, ‘The Hills’ has always had changing hairstyles. Some you loved and others you just couldn’t stand. She has long blonde locks that make her look ethereal when she does not mess with them too much.

The Hills: Fashion and Hairstyle: Stephanie Pratt

There was this one time when she had gone casual and sleek with her look and just let her honey coloured hair flow. There are two secrets to getting such hair, one, a flat iron and the other, hair serum.

The Hills: Fashion and Hairstyle: Stephanie Pratt Fashion

Wash your hair and apply a little bit of straightening product on it from the root to the tips. Then blow dry by running a flat hairbrush along with it. After you are done, straighten your hair gently with a flat iron. You are then good to go for 4 – 5 hours.

The Hills: Fashion and Hairstyle: Stephanie Pratt Hairstyle

Stephanie had also tried this retro look once, with her hair flying all over the place.
The volume had gone up by two notches in her usual sleek look. You can get this look with some hair rollers and a large barrel curling iron. Curl your hair a little without going over the top. To complete the look, a shimmery slim headband in the front part of your hair with the locks tucked inside would do

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Selasa, 26 Mei 2009

Audrina Patridge's Ponytail

Audrina Patridge’s ponytail secrets

Audrina Patridge likes to have shimmering strands which are pulled together in a side ponytail. There are some of the secrets of ponytail whether you like to sport a low, in middle or a high ponytail.

The Hills: Fashion and Hairstyle: Audrina Patridge is shining

There are certain tips to be kept in mind while sporting a ponytail:

Tip 1: A high ponytail will give a refreshing and an instant lift. These are transformed to taut and tight. Whereas medium ponytails, gives a great profile for the sassy look. As compared to these both the low ponytails are more seductive and can be pulled and draped in front of 1 side.

The Hills: Fashion and Hairstyles: Audrina Patridge's Ponytail

Tip 2: Whether you have a round, oval, square, heart or diamond shaped face, the ponies almost flatter every face. If you want to get a sassy look out of the ponytail add a hair fringe to compliment the shape of the face.

The Hills: Fashion and Hairstyles: Which Looks Hotter?

Tip 3: You may use the cords or the bungee bands to make your ponytail look clean and tight. The bungee bands will make the hooks are secured inside the hair.

Tip 4: The usage of Blax bands makes the ponies soft and loose. They can easily cut out with the help of a scissor which will save the hair from tugging and pulling.

The Hills: Fashion and Hairstyles: Audrina Patridge Hairstyle

Tip 5: Always blow dry your hair with the nozzle down the hair shaft, if you want to have a ponytail with a dress.

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