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High Prices Not Barriers For Streetfighter Ducati Enthusiasts

Streetfighter Ducati
High Prices Not Barriers For Streetfighter Ducati Enthusiasts

Although expensive, Ducati got its own place for the speed lovers across the country. Proved, although recently introduced last Sunday, two new variants of Ducati Streetfighter Ducati and Ducati's 1198 Superbike in demand booked customers. Even from the four units ordered, type S or type a lot tertinggilah selected.

Although newly launched, had ordered four units of two types of S Streetfighter and two Ducati Superbike 1198 S, said President Director of PT Supermoto Streetfighter interrupted and the launch of Ducati 1198 Ducati Superbike weekend.

Ducati monster Specification | Ducati Streetfighter

Specifications Ducati Superbike 1198

Preview 1198 Ducati Superbike and Ducati Streetfighter:

And Ducati type S is a type of high enough from their variants. Because in all variants of Ducati with the type S has applied technology aka DTC Ducati Traction Control System) which is a feature that can control the tire traction motor that makes this bike extremely safe to drive in high speed despite being in the rain though.

Ducati motorcycles with the type S also been strengthened by Ohlin shock which proved very capable of vibration damping.

Type S has a price difference of about USD 5,000 compared to the usual type, but because it already had DTC and Ohlin, including the cheap price. Because if they put themselves, would require funding of at least EUR 7000

His best-selling these motors is understandable, because with the big name Ducati and powerful forces that are stored in the kitchen runway, the presence of this motorcycle, would make the speed enthusiast will be pleased.

And the price variance is not exactly cheap. Because variants Ducati Ducati Streetfighter sell each type of 410 million for the 'ordinary' and 450 million for the type of S.

While Ducati Superbike 1198 sold 450 million price for the standard and 500 million for Superbike version of S.

And despite a purchase price of the bag draining enough, in the year earlier in 2008, PT Supermoto was still able to sell up to 24 units of Ducati and until last September.

It's worth it for the passion and the Ducati engine power which is different from other motor sport

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