Jumat, 18 Desember 2009


yamaha Taking another selection of R1, yamaha FZ1 will obtain the treatment of limited edition. The limited edition of ABS of Yamaha FZ1 Fazer is painted with a similar arrangement like R1 it, but with this time made upwards in red and white. Without counting that the body, the bicycle will come with a special windshield, the lines of rim, and the cap of back seat.

No word on the price. But this seems kind of feeble for an limited edition yamaha Fz1; the afterall, R1 it obtained the suspension of hlins, the rims of Marchesini, and a push rod-clutch. We cannot also help but to think Yamaha did not owe go far for the inspiration of design.

yamaha yz1 picture

The price and the availability when we have it, but suspectent us that Abarth seems nicer in your garage.

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