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Honda C70 Like Minerva MadAss Modification

Honda C70 Like Minerva MadAss ModificationHonda C70 Like Minerva MadAss Modification Picture

Honda C70 Like Minerva MadAss ModificationHonda C70 Like Minerva MadAss Modification Photo

For Djarum Black MOTODIFY observer must be familiar with the team name on this one. This yups he Kempol Modification of the original Team Cirebon City. In 2008 we remember this team with a remarkable breakthrough Yamaha Vega berbody Willys Jeep. Armed with mature experience, this solid team again shine in her own home with the latest modifications based lawas Honda C70 motorcycle. Minerva MadAss style applied to a car axle drive system that replaces the chain, no doubt make this a black motor out as the best for the category The Best Black Bike Cirebon represent the Djarum Black MOTODIFY Final 2009 in the town of Solo.

As a representative of the team, Didi describes the initial concept of this bike modifications, "The concept of Honda sich first 70 that we change so Minerva Mid Ace. Inspirations sich fleeting illusion, continues see frame 70 (Honda C70) is almost the same kok middle order MadAss only smaller as we continue to wrap the plate and after a try-finally try ".

"Change that we do own starting from the chain drive system to hold the swing arm axle single-use mono arm, and hold the machine's make clutch applications moge system with hydraulic systems, braking systems on the adoption of an aircraft braking system of the disk in the BIB Tromol, "he added about the changes that stand out in the bike.

In addition to changes mentioned above Didi in fact there are many other solid kastemisasi applied in this motor. These include the establishment of the framework, the front mask, fairing, the stern and protective of all machines kastemisasi Kempol own results. Details of the front legs as already mentioned Didi was wearing a bike up side down fork Moge, double disc brakes BIB model, KALIPER Ride It, Kitaco and brake master Tromol Kempol BIB style. For details on the back foot as changes are made using handmade swing arm, YSS suspension, disc Ninja, KALIPER Ride It, master brake Tromol Kitaco and a modified version of the Mio is also dikastem Kempol own.

Honda engine retains C70, reimbursement systems around the runway looks on crutches applications as Charisma, Honda Grand carburetor, intake manifold kastem la Kempol, BRT CDI, clutch hydraulic Kempol style, oil cooler Satria FU 150 and the exhaust and fuel tank are also handmade. Outside the neat blend Didi remained above underlines that some of the difficulties surrounding the work is located on the front disc, clutch at their motive. "Long processing this motor itself approximately two months with a total cost of approximately USD 15 millions," he said again.

Asked about winning impression as The Best Black Bike, a man with a ready smile was saying, "What is certain is yes especially thrilled this in itself represents Cirebon city for the Final Battle Solo". "To change the fore honestly do not know but hopefully for the future hope to win this bike in the Final Battle Solo," he describes the hope and close the conversation. Yups salut buat Kempol with fresh ideas, we are waiting for you at the Final Battle Solo!

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